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Your secondary market for photovoltaic systems

SecondSol is a marketplace specificly designed for used PV products, closeouts and B-goods.

On the Portal, private and commercial providers can advertise products for free. Only after the successful sale, a sales-related fee has to be paid.

SecondSol aims at individual and corporate customers and helps to provide the supply of spare parts for the photovoltaic industry.

Your advantages

  • Advertise Free of PV products
  • Commission-free sale to all users
  • Simple and clear product search
  • “Bulletin board” for product requests
  • Landline service number

The Photovoltaic Marketplace for New and Used Products

Solarodo is the online marketplace for new and used PV products in the US.

On the marketplace new and used PV products can be sold and bought nationwide. Furthermore, there is a big business directory with service providers from the photovoltaic sector.

Solarodo aims at private and commercial buyers and sellers of PV products, as well as service providers from the PV sector.

Your advantages

  • Nationwide marketplace
  • Fast, secure, reliable
  • A new, online customer case
  • No transaction costs
  • Biggest national product database
  • No buyer costs

Purchase of Solar Modules and Inverters

SunKauf is the reliable service purchasing and redistributing solar modules and inverters.

SunKauf also offers expert dismantling and disposal of solar plants. After we test the modules and inverters we repair any possible damages.

SunKauf is aimed at private and commercial owners of solar plants, installers, maintenance providers and insurance companies.

Your advantages

  • Simple entry form for offers
  • Directly sell to SunKauf
  • Damage catalogue for categorization
  • Overview of PV disposal sites
  • News about PV disposal topics

More security for your photovoltaic system

With our PV-Theft database, we offer a safe and approved search tools for photovoltaic products.

In our safety database registered products, can be assigned to an owner at any time.

PV-theft aims at operators of photovoltaic systems and helps to protect modules and inverters from theft.

Your advantages

  • Registration of photovoltaic products (EIN code)
  • Investigation tool for police and BKA
  • Register stolen products for free
  • Check products in theft database for free
  • Europe’s largest PV-theft database